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Smite Dev Talk Reveals Awilix

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Awilix Card Art

Today, Smite‘s devs revealed the Mayan Goddess Awilix and her companion jaguar, Suku. Goddess of the Moon, Awilix is a light-hearted, gentle soul who represents both lunar and night aspects, and has an assassin role.

Smite Awilix Model

Awilix’s style of attack is different, starting with her auto attack. Awilix uses her spear to attack with a longer range and narrower cone than most basic attacks. Auto attacking also enables Awilix’s second active, Feather Step.

Awilix Auto

Feather Step is active when Awilix has hit a target in the last 1.5 seconds. This ability allows you to flip over your target and attack them from behind. The damage scales from where you are in the auto attack chain, with the third attack of the chain enabling an AoE attack instead of a single target attack. In addition, Awilix is untargetable while flipping.

Smite Suku model

Awilix’s first ability, Summon Suku, summons her jaguar as a mount. This increases her run speed, but dramatically decreases strafing speed. While no abilities can be used while Suku is mounted, there will be an active target reticule in front of the character. When used, Suku pounces, letting Awilix leap in and deal damage to the location while dismounting. This ability’s cooldown is only triggered by the leap, and players can mount and dismount without triggering a cooldown.

Awilix Ult

Awilix’s third and ultimate abilities also have strong synergy. Her ultimate, Gravity Surge, pulls the closest enemy in front of her that is knocked up or leaping to her and deals damage to them. The ability continues to boost her attack speed and power throughout the duration. Her third ability, Moonlight Charge, sends the spirit of Suku forward, dealing damage in a line in front of her. If this ability hits any enemies from behind, it knocks them into the air. This allows Awilix to force her opponents into a knock up in order to pull them to her with her ultimate. The devs note that anyone CC immune, such as players teleporting, cannot be pulled by this attack.

Awilix 3rd

You can gain insights from the developers and art team on Awilix at this new page, which also includes short videos of her abilities.

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