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Silkroad Online Boasts Nearly Impossible Event

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Joymax revealed today that its latest event for the world-renown free-to-play 3D MMOPG, Silkroad Online, proved close to impossible to complete. “Roc Time Attack!” was so challenging that players barely completed the event even with the help of the GM. Players were thrilled to be tested to their limits in the most nerve-racking event yet!

Players across the globe showed satisfaction regarding the latest events at the official Silkroad Online Facebook page. Users commented that they enjoyed Silkroad Online’s latest update, “Ignite Silkroad Part 2. East & West Unite!” and all of its major enhancements including skill balances for both races (Chinese and European). But nothing has brought the most elite players to their knees the way the latest event “Roc Time Attack!” has! While the premise was simple the task was not. This ultimate challenge required both skill and team play as players had to successfully defeat every unique monster (sometimes even three at once!) within 10 minutes. Due to the difficulty of the event, Silkroad Online team is said to be contemplating the extension of the time limit.

When successful grand rewards await, players earn epic drop items including weapons and armors from each unique monster. Plus, the two Rocs drop special Subscription Cards for random players which boosted the player’s level to near max, giving 30 million skill points and a player’s choice of any set of armor.

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