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Webzen Celebrates Christmas Season

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To celebrate Christmas season, WEBZEN Inc. has prepared various holiday events. has teamed up with partners to give out Special Bonus W-Coins to celebrate Christmas. Users who purchase from Game Sultan, Cherry Credits, E-Prepag and Moneybookers will be provided up to 20% extra bonus from December 20th till December 27th.

Arctic Combat

Tactical FPS ‘Arctic Combat’, which has recently launched via, will provide special Christmas edition firearms into the heated battle-field. These unique firearms will be offered to the veterans randomly after each match. Also, the arctic territory will be boosted with extra 50% EXP and 20% game points on Christmas day.

Continent of the Ninth Seal

Unrivaled Action RPG ‘C9’ has introduced a new event monster ‘Santa Girl’ which will randomly appear in the dungeon, and drop random gift boxes to the players. Also, during the holiday season, limited Christmas edition gear packages will go on sale with a discounted price.

MU Online

The pioneer of 3D MMORPG ‘MU online’ has revealed Santa Village where players can receive Free Christmas gifts and extra 200% EXP bonus. To enter the Santa Village, players will need special tickets, which can be obtained from hunting the Christmas monsters. Also, top 10 rankers of Christmas Ranking event will be rewarded with exquisite items that are worth challenging.


Medieval MMORPG ‘Archlord’ is providing Christmas themed rewards to the players who collect stolen ‘Santa Bell’ from the greedy monsters around the world of Chantra. Additionally, four different boost events will support players during the holiday season.

Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “To show appreciation to our users’ enduring support, we have prepared various holiday events.” He also said, “We wish that our users will be able to experience the Christmas excitement in our game titles.”

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