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Siege Online: “The New Edge” Expansion arrives

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Mousee Games together with Quant Games, today announced the launch of Siege online the New Edge, the first expansion for the MMORPG published worldwide by Mousee Games.

The expansion changes a lot the gameplay in Siege Online making it easier and more accessible to mid-casual players. It improves the level design of many zones making easier to cross them and also the landscaping has been improved adding paths and transportation methods. A lot of new mounts have been added to the game, so players can travel among the huge world of Siege Online faster. The experience gained from quests during the first levels has been increased and opponents in the starting zones are now easier to fight. A lot of construction and buildings upgrade now need less time to be completed and the Construction rating required to buy edicts have been lowered.

A big change has been applied to the Command Skills: each skills path has been balanced making each of them more useful for the player. Also due to the number of skill points available being increased, players can learn more skills.

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