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Ship of Heroes Discusses Milestone Schedules

Ship of Heroes - Time Cycle - image

The Ship of Heroes team has received a lot of questions concerning the pros and cons of showing the milestone schedule that they publish. They have missed a few milestones, but they set the goals so that they hopefully can reach them, and that their community has an active tracking of what is being worked on and how it’s coming. All teams have setbacks and technical issues, from Google down to the Ship of Heroes team, which is comprised of unpaid volunteers, and supplemented by committed contractors. But the purpose of the milestone schedule is so that everyone sees where things are and where they’re going. Right now, the day/night cycle is being worked on, and they are getting ready for a login test so they can see how many players can enter the real game with decent FPS.

They feel that a milestone schedule is a tool that lets everyone see how they’re doing on the game, and it’s also a way to help manage the team, which is important as it’s scattered across the globe. The hard part is not creating the schedule, but thinking that far ahead to figure out what can and cannot be done in such a timeframe. It enables them to be more efficient with their work. A link to the forum post is provided below, and above is a glimpse of the day and night cycle.

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