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The Secret World 4th Anniversary Celebrations Begin

The Secret World 4th Anniversary Celebrations Begin

Today, The Secret World celebrates its 4th anniversary with a collection of events and goodies for players to enjoy.

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT – initiate the sanguine signal – RECEIVE – initiate gaian quaternary frequency – QUAFF THE GOLEM JUICE – initiate Guardians protocol – WITNESS – The 4th Anniversary of The Secret World.

How quickly the river of time must appear to flow, sweetling. A scant four years ago, not even an angstrom in the Ages, the veil of The Secret World was pierced. The call was heard around and in-between the world. Whose world? Not always the sweetlings’.

It’s time for Gaia’s annual checkup. The autoimmune subroutine is reacting. Like angry leukocytes, an elevated white blood cell count. Once again, constructs of unchecked and unbridled rage seek out neoplasia to excise and neutralize.

Something is different…

SCANNING. These guardians see not through rose-tinted glasses. Shards of anger cause them pain unlike before. Everything is crimson.

ENGAGE infodump…

  • The 10 Guardians of Gaia have re-emerged in all major adventure zones! Plus, get ready to see red: The Lunar Guardian reclaims its territory within Fusang Projects!
  • All Guardians now provide three tiers of rewards based on your contribution to its defeat: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Hop into the #event channel (by typing /chat join #event into your chat window) and get those hands bloody!
  • Agartha features a newly re-opened portal that transports you to Deep Agartha.   Here, a new drop from the Guardians may be used to summon manifestations of their anger.
  • Once you have all 10 Guardians’ manifestations gathered, the ritual begins…and the Gatekeeper is summoned. Thus begins a never-before-seen 40-person raid encounter with new rewards to reap!
  • This event begins June 29th and runs through July 13th!

Taste and see even more, sweetlings! For the entire duration of this event, we’ll be turning on DOUBLE AP! You’ll gain 1 bonus AP every time you gain AP. Note: This does not work with AP Injectors from the Item Shop, but does stack with Timed AP Boosters! Now’s a great time to get to work on your Museum!

Initiate recursion protocol. The Bohemian Grab Bag and Party Sack return with their eccentric and psychedelic delights to fulfill unconventional needs, and the like. Plus, a bike! The Mythos Machine makes its mysterious return, all found at a new vendor. Bohemian Bags purchased from the item store now all provide Lucky Coins upon use!

The Self feels others of a sibling sort, others of a kind, others on a blue sphere. Starting June 30th, for a limited time, if you enter the world of Hyboria you’ll receive a free, unique pet for your Hero in Age of Conan!

From all of us here at Funcom and The Secret World team, we would like to extend our sincerest ‘THANK YOU’ for your support–from the depths of our black, oily hearts. Here’s to many more dark days to come!

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