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Scarlet Blade Teases Clothing For Costumes and Clubbing

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Scarlet Blade

What’s the point of cutting down your enemies if you can’t do it in style? Thankfully, that isn’t a problem for the women of Scarlet Blade from Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games. The upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) features enough customization options to satisfy even the most particular of players.

A stunning array of costumes ranging from sultry to outlandish is available for players to get their hands on. And thanks to the Grafting system, the appearance of any piece of gear can be transferred to another to keep a player’s desired look intact—without sacrificing power. The Grafting system, combined with the option to hide gear in favor of a player’s preferred costume, ensures that everyone playing Scarlet Blade can tailor their exact look to their liking.

Players can also dive into even deeper detail by selecting what is worn underneath the gear with Scarlet Blade’s lingerie system. The lingerie can serve a functional purpose by contributing additional stats, as well as providing characters the proper attire to adhere to the very strict dress code of the famed Delilah night club.

While partying in the Delilah Club, players can bring their pets along for the ride for bonus pet experience. As pets level up in Scarlet Blade, they contribute to their master’s stats. They can also be augmented with Datachips that offer unique abilities (such as automatically picking up stray items), further adding to the options that players have to enhance their characters.

For those who prefer high tech gear, the assortment of futuristic bikes which serve as exceedingly cool mounts is sure to be a hit. And of course, every class comes with the ability to pilot their incredibly detailed—and powerful—mech suits for brief periods of time. These huge mechs are extensions of each class’ personality and fighting style, and when used properly can turn the tide of even the most dire battles.

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