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PUBG MOBILE’s 0.10.0 Update Releases Today

PUBG Mobile - Infection Update

The 0.14.0 update for PUBG MOBILE has arrived today, and with it comes a brand new mode, Infection. For the first time, players can drop into an asymmetric player vs. zombie infection mode, where they are either Zombies or Defenders. Defenders are equipped with firearms, but Zombies can only use melee weapons, and special abilities to infect the Defenders. If all of the Defenders get infected before the dawn, Zombies win the day!

This update also adds Sea Treasure Themed cosmetics/in-game items, and the Global Treasure Hunt begins! This unprecedented in-game hunt has a million-dollar prize pool attached. Players can collect gold, silver and bronze compasses to redeem rewards. Royale Pass Season 8 begins in this update as well, with some fan-favorite items coming back to unlock. The Daily MIssion System saw an upgrade, and all daily in-game challenges unlock upgraded rewards, for even more chances at rare loot. iOS versions of PUBG MOBILE can now keep the game open as a background app while downloading updates, and the Android version receives the “Android Resources Extension Pack”. Beginning today, the Android installation package size has been reduced, and rarely-used in-game equipment can be stored in the Resources Extension Pack until they are needed.

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