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Savior Saga: Idle RPG Launches Globally

Savior Saga - Idle RPG

Joycity has launched their latest mobile game on a global scale, entitled Savior Saga: Idle RPG. Ideal for gamers who have a busy schedule, they fight alongside Yuina, a beautiful dragon maiden and join her pursuit for the Dragon Heart. Countless stages and beautiful visuals await, and players protect Yuina from endless hordes of monsters that have come from the Devil’s Hall. Yuina is the only irreplaceable character, and the other four heroes can change anytime. Up to nine heroes are presently available, with unique skills to be upgraded and collected, offering many different approaches to party build and strategy. Savior Saga: Idle RPG also has over 300 upgradeable weapons of various designs and tiers, and collecting these weapons give buffs to increase overall stats of your heroes. More than one dungeon can also be run at once, to make sure the player is always well-stocked.

A Fever Time activates occasionally where an adorable slime makes an appearance. You can rack up points and gain rewards by tapping the monster as fast as you can during this time. The different monsters and bosses that appear makes this game a visual treat. Savior Saga is a hidden gem among idle RPGs, and the developers are working hard to introduce guild and PvP content in the near future. Savior Saga is already available on Google Play and will hit iOS soon.

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