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ZQGame Announces iOS Launch for War of Tribes: Stone Age

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War of Tribes

ZQGame Inc. a premiere publisher of mobile games, today announced the launch of War of Tribes: Stone Age for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices available now in the App Store for $1.99 USD.

Set in the Beast Lands where dinosaurs, humans, and magic co-exist, players assume the role as Village Chief to build and defend their tribal empire. With a carefully interwoven mashing of genres, War of Tribes combines strategic village hut-building with elements of an RPG and tower defense modes to create a fun and zany twist on prehistoric jungle mania!

β€œWar of Tribes pushes the boundaries of the strategy genre, really embracing our initiative to publish games that provide a unique spin to how players are immersed and challenged in any one game,” said Zoe Chen, Product Manager for ZQGame. β€œWar of Tribes crafts together game elements that gives comfort in familiarity for the casual and mid-core gamer while providing a deeper game experience any hardcore gamer can appreciate.

War of Tribes: Stone Age is the second release of 2014 for ZQGame, following the acclaimed release of action-RPG meets card collecting game, Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard.

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