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DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor Space Crack – Trial of Hero Update

The latest update for DawnBreak comes with a variety of new features for new and beginner players alike. A new chapter is available, “Space Crack”, and once players teams level reaches 55 and have completed the 30 stages of the fourth dimension, they will enter this dangerous fifth dimension. In addition, there’s the new “Trial of Hero”, which houses some of the legendary heroes for you to recruit to your team. Morakot, Oboro, Luna, Feilin, Hanzo, Leo and more await here. Once you complete their challenge, you can get the hero shard and recruit them to your team. You can also now decode these heroes to get a preview their whole abilities at the max level to see if you really want to use them on your squad.

The DawnBreak team also lowered the EXP requirements for level 1-50 of your team, and also are keeping the EXP for upgrading heroes, fairies, equipment, etc down at the same time, making it easier to level up. The Exchange Shop also has a discount now for many 3-star heroes. Finally, there’s a new hero, the Green Wing, Sumia (Attribute: Wind, Weapon: Wise Guidance). She’ll be teased in the trailer attached to this news post.

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