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Breach Reveals Sniper Class in Latest Teaser

In Breach, every person on a team has an important role to fill, whether it’s tanking, healing, or dealing damage. Sometimes, that damage dealer stands as far away as possible, and murders with quick, deadly efficiently. That’s the Sniper’s job in Breach. The Sniper comes from the Tech school and fulfills the role of Assassin, and uses spells to enhance their dexterity and precision in the heat of battle.

The Sniper class employs magical boosts to make sure each shot locks in with deadly precision on their enemies in a multitude of ways: from the Vortex Slug, a slow-moving shot that creates a vortex on impact, pulling enemies together, to the Snare Trap, which holds enemies in place and applies damages, and to the Snipe signature ability, targeting opponents and eliminating them where they stand with high single-target damage. Timing the use of each Sniper ability will enable players to ruthlessly obliterate monsters with marksman-like efficiency.

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