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Runescape Begins Easter-Themed Event

Runescape Easter News

Runescape‘s “Eastertime Fete” has begun, and is a limited-time event, going until the end of April. Players will support different guilds that are taking part, by completing side-quests and assorted tasks. The ultimate goal is to win a mysterious egg in Gielinor, found by the Easter Bunny. There are also fragments of crystallized chocolate eggs, that, when combined, will create a special reward. The event also allows players to donate RuneCoins that will be converted into a real-world donation to Jagex’s two chosen charities: The Prince’s Trust and CPSL Mind. In addition to a rare chocolate egg, the event’s rewards also include Imperial Coronation Armour and a wacky Easter-themed ‘Chick-Axe’ weapon.

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