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Dreadnought – Dev Interview + Gameplay (PAX East 2015)

When we think space flight simulation titles, usually the fast and flighty personal vehicles made infamous in Star Wars come to mind. True to its name, Dreadnought takes a far different approach to the genre, be creating what I can only describe as World of Tanks in space. Dreadnought pits five heavily armored massive battle crafts against another team of five in the ultimate game of chicken to see which side goes down in blazing glory first. These battles are less about twitch reaction speeds than they are about tactics, positioning, formation, and energy management.

Dreadnought has been announced as a free to play title and is currently in friends and family technical beta. Sign up for beta access through the MMOHuts game profile here:

Read more into our experience with Dreadnought in our PAX East 2015 Day 1 recap here:

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