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World of Warships: Legends Enters Early Access This Week

World of Warships Legends Early Access news

Wargaming announced that tomorrow, April 16th, 2019, World of Warships: Legends enters Early Access on console. Both Playstation 4 and Xbox One will begin early access to the console iteration of the naval combat MMO. World of Warships: Legends supports English, Russian, Japanese, French and German languages, and will launch with a wealth of ships to unlock, as well as legendary commanders to recruit.

Early Access players on PlayStation and Xbox will join epic naval battles sharing the duties with more than 20 historical commanders, on board over 50 legendary ships. In addition, there will be 15 different maps to do battle on and HDR support for these high-seas conflicts. World of Warships: Legends was built from the ground up, and is not just a port of the PC edition of World of Warships. It features a revamped user interface, new controls, and console-exclusive content. Players can also look forward to regular updates and lots of new content in the future, with more new nations of ships on the horizon and utilizing the full power of legendary commanders, experience new maps and witness glorious full 4K support for PlayStation4 Pro and Xbox One X expected later in the summer

“We are happy to finally introduce veteran captains and new players alike to World of Warships: Legends on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One,” said Kirill Peskov, Development Director at Wargaming St. Petersburg. “This is the second Wargaming title to launch on home consoles, and the quality of the experience is a testament to the incredible talent and passion of the development team in St. Petersburg. We hope players will enjoy embarking on this new voyage with us!”

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