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Runes of Magic patches to 2.1.2

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Runes of Magic patched to version 2.1.2, “Storming of the Acropolis,” today.

The patch opens the Naga Acropolis to players, adds elite skills for dual-classed Elves, and expands the Aotulia Volcano zone. The patch also adds the Halloween Pumpkin Festival event to the servers.

The Original Press Release:

Patch ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’ Expands Runes of Magic

Elite District Presents Some Thrilling Challenges for Players

Berlin, 28th October 2009: Today’s patch for Runes of Magic paves the way for brave groups of adventurers to journey into the heart of the Naga Empire. Patch ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’ also adds the Halloween Pumpkin Festival into the online role-playing game, together with some long-awaited elite skills for the Elf classes and a territory expansion for the ‘Aotulia Volcano’ zone.

Until now, the huge Naga Acropolis in the volcanic territory has been inaccessible. With ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’, the gates of the fortress are now open and so is a special district inside the zone which will challenge players. Countless elite henchmen occupy the walls and trenches around the Acropolis – Naga troops have set up their camps all around. Solo players don’t have a chance here; only well-equipped groups will ultimately get to face off against the leader of the Naga army: King ‘Sharleedah’ will provide a tough battle for adventurers and can only be toppled by extreme force.

In addition to the new district, patch ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’ offers Elven players some new elite skills for their dual class combination. Minor changes in the interface, new titles for their avatars as well as fixing a few bugs have all been included in today’s update.

More information is available at the official Runes of Magic website.

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