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RaiderZ Launches New Series of Zone Videos – Broken Mast

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RaiderZ Launches New Series of Zone Videos – Broken Mast

The RaiderZ team is excited to share the first episode in a new series zone videos for its upcoming monster-hunting, action MMORPG. Take a closer look at the Broken Mast, the starting point for every new adventurer in the world of Rendel. Here, heroes develop skills with their chosen weapon, and test their might against a vast array of treacherous villains from pirates to sea creatures and wretched beasts that eat explorers for lunch.

RaiderZ closed beta testing is underway, and we’re thrilled to see players banding together to explore the world of Rendel while hunting monsters with friends,” said Senior Producer Mark Hill. “Later this August, we’re also looking forward to showing off more new content at PAX Prime, including new maps, more epic boss encounters, and a closer look at the game’s Transformation System, which lets players channel their inner beast to take on the form of Rendel’s most deadly creatures.”

RaiderZ is currently enjoying a successful closed beta testing phase. For details on how to get a closed beta key to start playing today, head to 

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