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Ragnarok Online Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

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WarpPortal has launched their newest update to their classic MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, entitled 14.2 Eclage. This update brings new maps, new dungeons, new foes, new equipment and an engaging quest line that picks up where 14.1 left off. Concurrently Ragnarok Online will also be celebrating 10 years of service, beginning June 5th. More details on Ragnarok Online and to join the adventure:

14.2 Ecalage, is the long awaited sequel to 2011’s Bifrost update, which had adventurers exploring deep into a dimensional tear opening into a new and unexplored world. Based heavily on the worlds of Norse mythology, visitors to the New World will find themselves drawn into the conflict between the Laphine and Sapha people living there.

The 10th Anniversary will not only be celebrated with the 14.2 update, players will have a storyline quest and an ingame festival to complete minigames celebrating Ragnarok Online’s cute mascot, the Poring.

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