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QubeTown Adds a New Mini-Game – Qube-Pop

QubeTown MiniGame QubePop

QubeTown, the farming simulator based on social networking announced a new minigame in the form of Qube-Pop. This lets players compete against each other by earning points on a stage of 10×10 blocks. To join in on this new minigame, players need to reach Level 9 in-game and bring the required production materials to the Ticket Shop to create Qube-Pop Tickets to enter the Stadium. Once in the stadium, players drag the queued blocks located on right-hand side of the Stadium to fill the empty spaces with the blocks horizontally or vertically to clear them and earn points. While playing Qube-Pop, several items such as Bomb, Hourglass, and Guided Arrow will be available to help you score even more points.

Players will be able to earn more Rubies, Gold, Upgrade Materials and more based on their ranking.  This Qube-Pop will last for a week, starting today (February 25th) until March 3rd ,2019. Additionally, Webzen invites casual gamers from all over the world to come and join the QubeTown Live Stream to discover more about the new farming mobile game QubeTown. Interested users can play and explore, share amusing stories and game tips, make new friends and get free promo codes by watching this fun live stream on the official Twitch and YouTube channels as well as on Facebook.

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