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Ship of Heroes Discusses Missions

Ship of Heroes Missions Discussion

A new blog post has come from Ship of Heroes going over what goes into working on the missions for the upcoming MMO. Before their playerbase weighs in on what they think, Casey discussed what exactly they have in mind and pointed out that each of these factors is independent of each other. The first point is to let characters set the difficulty for most missions. EG: If you are level 20, then you should be able to adjust the level up or down and get Level 21 or perhaps level 19 enemies to fight.

They also want to allow characters to affect the composition of the enemy mobs. Say, they want more trash mobs, or more lieutenants/bosses/archvillains. Enemies also need to scale to the size of the hero team, so a solo hero may want fewer enemies for a safer, but still plausible challenge. He pointed out that these factors all interact and are still in the planning phase. Any given mission can deliver a totally different player experience, depending upon how the player makes his selections and forms his team (or does not form a team).

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