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PvP Details for DK Online Released

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Aeria Games has provided more information on the variety of PvP modes DK Online will have to offer, and how the various classes perform their roles within.

Melee players such as warriors and paladins help close the gap on ranged targets, using devasating attacks to take down more vulnerable targets.  On the flip side, classes like sorcerers and shadowmages use their abilities to keep targets locked down and damaged.

In addition to small skirmishes between players, DK Online has several large-scale options available as well.  RvR is a massive battle, pitting faction versus faction for honor and bragging rights.  Guilds can face off against one another as well in the Castle Siege mode, giving guilds the opportunity to prove who the best is on the server.  Attacking forces assault a stronghold of another guild, and the victor receives access to the keep and all the amenities it offers.

Aeria Games also publishes Shaiya and Last Chaos.

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