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Puzzle & Dragons Unveils A New Monster Hunter Collaboration

Monster Hunter Puzzle & Dragons

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has come back to Puzzle & Dragons, right in time for the massive Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion. This fan-favorite collaboration is back, and began on October 7th, 2019. The collaboration will run until October 20th, 2019, and players can hunt down some truly mighty monsters from the Monster Hunter franchise. This includes some beasts never before seen in Puzzle & Dragons.

All of the previous Monster Hunter collaborations will be available, including some new Iceborne monsters. Additional creatures include the new flagship Elder Dragon Velkhana, Alatreon, and Furious Rajang. If that wasn’t enough, they can be turned into weapon Assist Evolutions Iceflinger, Altheos Zodiaarch, and Demonlord Crasher respectively. Female Hunter, Athena – Non Gear is also available for players in the Monster Exchange.

Dungeons available in previous collaboration are back as well, as well as the 10-floor Monster Hunter Quest. There are fixed rewards for each floor, and a free pull on the Monster Hunter Memorial Egg Machine for finishing all ten. As always, players who log in during the Monster Hunter collab will also receive a free pull on the Monster Hunter Memorial Egg Machine. Additionally, bundles of 30 Magic Stones + ★7 Monster Hunter Egg Machine ($29.99), 15 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Seregios Egg Machine ($14.99), and 2 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Egg Machine ($1.99) will be available for purchase.

Full Collaboration Item Details:

Egg Machine Monsters:


  • Velkhana (NEW!)

  • Alatreon (NEW!)

  • Amatsu

  • Massacre Demon Diablos

  • Thunderlord Zinogre

  • Nergigante

  • Black Dragon, Fatalis

  • Akantor

  • Yama Tsukami


  • Furious Rajang (NEW!)

  • Rathalos

  • Kirin

  • Glavenus

  • Mizutsune

  • Valphalk

  • Brachydios

  • Legiana

  • Seregios

  • Gore Magala


  • Rathian

  • Tigrex

  • Nargacuga

  • Gammoth

  • Astalos

  • Barioth

  • Paolumu

Monster Exchange

  • Female Hunter, Athena – Non Gear (NEW!)

  • Male Hunter, Zeus – Giga Gear

  • Female Hunter, Valkyrie – Ciel Gear

New Assist Evolutions:

  • Iceflinger

  • Altheos Zodiarch

  • Demonlord Crasher

Special Bundles:

  • 30 Magic Stones + ★7 Monster Hunter Egg Machine – $29.99 USD

    • Players are guaranteed a ★7 Rarity monster.

  • 15 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Seregios Egg Machine – $14.99 USD

    • Seregios from Monster Hunter is guaranteed to come out. Players will also get a special Monster Hunter Orb Skin when they get Seregios for the first time.

  • 2 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Egg Machine – $1.99 USD

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