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Puzzle & Dragons Announces Sword Art Online Collaboration

SAO Puzzle and Dragons Collab

GungHo Online announced that starting today, an awesome collaboration has begun with the anime Sword Art Online in Puzzle & Dragons. Lasting from January 7th until the 20th, all players will receive a free Sword art Online character from the SAO Memorial Egg Machine, as well as other in-game events. In this Sword Art Online Collab, players must fight their way through mind-bending virtual realities, in order to protect themselves from what lies outside of the game. All players who participate during this time will receive a free Sword Art Online character from the Sword Art Online Memorial Egg Machine and in-game features including the Monster Exchange and a 20 Magic Stones + ★ 6 Sword Art Online Egg Machine Bundle available in the shop. Additionally, this collab is bringing new Assist Evolutions and Monster Exchange exclusive characters.

Sword Art Online Collaboration Includes:

Sword Art Online Egg Machine:


  • Kirito
  • Asuna
  • Leafa
  • Sinon
  • Yuuki


  • Klein
  • Agil
  • Lisbeth
  • Silica
  • Sachi
  • Information Broker, Argo
  • Alice

 Sword Art Online Dungeons:

  • Virtual World-Virtual Training
  • Virtual World-Mythical
  • Virtual World-Legend
  • Virtual World-Master
  • Virtual World-Expert
  • Virtual World-Int

  Assist Evolutions:

  • Kirito’s Elucidator & Dark Repulsor
  • Asuna’s Lambent Light
  • Leafa’s Sweep Saber
  • Sinon’s PGM Hecate II
  • Yuuki’s Macuahuitl

Monster Exchange Exclusive Characters:

  • Swordsman-in-Training, Eugeo
  • Swordsman-in-Training, Kirito
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