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Overhit Releases First Content Update and Adds New Heroes

Overhit Major Update

Overhit has its first major content update dropping today, which adds to the over 120+ heroes already available in-game. These characters, voiced by anime legends such as Ishikawa Kaito, Uchida Aya, and Morikawa Toiyuki take command in this gorgeous 3D world. Overhit has a new update dropping today, which adds four new heroes: Agnes, Francesca, Sun Wukong, and Saion. Sun Wukong and Saion are Wind Heroes. Agnes and Francesca join as Fire Heroes.

Overhit also adds a new Event Dungeon, Celesta. In Celesta, players can test their mettle in a new wind-type hero event, where plenty of cutscenes and rewards await. Arachnes Raids are also here, where players can band together to defeat powerful bosses, for equally great rewards. Each boss will have their own special attributes and need strategies to succeed. To celebrate Overhit’s unprecedented achievement of three million downloads, players can participate in several festive events including the seven-day attendance event, Arachnes server-cooperation event and more.

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