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SMITE Patch Notes 3.6: Jing Wei Reveal

SMITE Patch Notes 3.6: Jing Wei Reveal

Today marked the livestream and reveal of Smite‘s Patch Notes for Patch 3.6: Escape from the Underworld, adding a new event, miscellaneous new skins and changes, and of course, the new goddess Jing Wei.

As part of the new “Escape from the Underworld” event, Smite’s welcoming a new bonus arena event. This bonus round takes place at the end of each Arena match. Teams will be transported to the center of the coliseum, surrounded by lava, and given one minute for a final team fight. Gods thrown in the lava will not return! While the bonus round doesn’t affect the normal match results, teams that win the bonus round will be granted additional Worshipers. Weekly Quests will also be available to let players earn limited items and special new skins are also available for the event. Full details on the event are here.

Two new achievements will arrive for Anhur, Nemesis, and Vulcan. New skins will include Pandamonium Odin, Grim Horseman Guan Yu, Grim Wraith Hades, Worldweaver Neith, Rakshasa Vamana, and Reborn Jing Wei. Pandamonium Odin, Grim Horseman Guan Yu, and Grim Hades will also have new voice packs associated with them. Awilix’s Mastery Skins have been updated, and a new “Trapped” Icon will be added.

As always, there will be item changes and god changes in the works. Here’s what’s on the list:

  • Spellbound Kusari – No longer provides crowd control reduction.
  • Genji’s Guard – Now offers 10% cooldown. When you take magical damage, your cooldowns are reduced by 2 seconds every 30 seconds. Costs 200 less.
  • Oni Hunters Guard – Passive now regenerates every 10 seconds, in or out of combat.
  • Spectral Armor – New passive: When you activate a relic you gain ghost walking for 4s.
  • Emerald Talisman – Reduced cost by 1300.
  • Stone of Gaia – Down 100 gold.
  • Soul Stone – Increased additional magic power at 5 souls from +30 to +60.
  • Shifter’s Shield – Cost reduced by 300.

God Changes:

  • Agni: Increased Base attack speed from .86 to 1. Decreased attack speed gain per level from 1.01 to .95. Helps him stack passive.
  • Apollo: So Beautiful mana cost reduction. Cooldown 11s now at all ranks.
    • Across the Sky – 40 mana per second, can fly forever.
  • Bakasura: Eat Minion – Can consume any non-buff jungle creature at 100% of health.
  • Chang’e: Moonflower Dance – Healing increased, damage increased. Made to better clear lanes early game.
  • Hel: Hinder – Slow increased 5% at all ranks.
    • Cleanse – Light CC Immunity for 1.25s flat. Nerf on her massive CC immunity.
  • Odin: Ring of Spear cooldown increase 15s.
  • Scylla: Sic’em – Increased magic scaling by 15%
    • Crush – Increase damage late game by 110. Wow.
  • Sol: Stellar Burst – Won’t go on cooldown when bugged.
  • Sylvanus: Nature’s Grasp cooldown reduced early game. Mana cost goes down at late game.

Of course, the real star of the new patch is always the new god, and this time, it’s Jing Wei! Here’s Jing Wei’s revealed kit:

Passive: Rapid Reincarnation: Flies when leaving the spawn to fly for 5 seconds.

  1. Wind Gust – Knocks enemy into air, damage over time. She can use it to fly into the air temporarily. Doesn’t knock up minions or allies. If enemy leaves and reenters, they get knocked up again. Can be hit while she’s in the air.
  2. Explosive Bolts – Brief activation time, loading crossbow with 3 bolts. Next 3 attacks have all properties of basic attacks including crits and procs, but wider and they explode in a small radius. As you rank it up, gives a passive crit bonus.
  3. Agility – Ground dash. Can use while in the air to go further. Can shoot while flying. Can use to change direction when knocked into the air. Can’t go over walls.
  4. Air Strike – Dashes forward in the air, shooting enemies in a straight line with four shots, then has 2 seconds after to choose where to land.

The full patch notes are available here.

SMITE Patch Notes 3.6: Jing Wei Reveal

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