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Paragon: The Overprime Update Introduces Drongo and Exploration Base

Paragon Overprime Drongo

Paragon: The Overprime has released new content this week, introducing the new hero Drongo, the Exploration Base, and other game improvements.

Drongo is a new ranger hero with a variety of weapons in tow, including pistols, bazookas, and grenades. Despite his limited social skills, he likes people and enjoys being the center of attention. He has agreed to join the battlefield, but only on the condition that he can take various scrap materials from the Shakkadian Empire Army and use them in his store “Drongo Goods.”

Drongo’s key skills include:

  • Pistol Shot: Fires a pistol to deal Physical Damage to enemies.
  • Rusty Boomerang: Throws a boomerang to deal Physical Damage to enemies and Slow them for a set duration. While returning, the boomerang deals True Damage to affected enemies, and Slows them for a set duration. Hitting a structure or terrain during flight returns the boomerang to the hero immediately. If the hit enemies are T-ons, the damage dealt gradually decreases.
  • Gas Bomb: Throws a Gas Bomb that lasts for a set duration in a selected area dealing Physical Damage to enemies within range. Damage increases depending on how long enemies stay in the affected area. Enemies are also Silenced and Stunned within the area for a set period.
  • Uranium Rounds: Drongo loads Uranium Rounds that inject Unstable Compounds into enemies upon every successful Pistol Shot. After a set duration, the Unstable Compounds explode to deal Physical Damage. This can stack and immediately explode at the max stack, dealing a certain amount of Bonus True Damage to the target. It also increases the hero’s Movement Speed by a certain amount which gradually decreases over a set period.
  • Shrapnel Bazooka (Ultimate): Drongo fires shrapnel from a bazooka to deal Physical Damage to enemies within range. The shrapnel decreases enemies’ Physical Defense and Pushes them back. Nearby enemies are pushed farther back, while Drongo is also pushed backward by the bazooka’s blast and becomes Unblockable.

The Exploration Base is a newly added feature to help beginners enjoy the game. When completing the first stage of the original tutorial, Exploration Base will open up for all new players.offering two modes – Exploration Pass and Exploration Supply. These function as daily missions designed to get players right into the thick of rewards and other valuable supplies that will help them catch up to more experienced players, faster.

  • The Exploration Pass will be available for new players to level up and obtain rewards. There’s no expiration for the pass’ rewards, and upon reaching max level and obtaining all rewards, it will automatically end.
  • Exploration Supply will be available as a daily bonus for players that log in 7 consecutive days. Rewards vary depending on how many days in a row you log in. On the second day of check-in, players can earn a Rare skin, while on the 7th day, they can earn a valuable Legendary skin. Further detailed information can be found here.

Several new in-game improvements have been added for all players to enjoy. A Heroic Grade skin has been added to celebrate Drongo’s release, the Courageous Phoenix skin (Rare grade) for Iggy & Scorch, as well as Showdown skin (Rare grade) for Countess. Various heroes and items have been rebalanced, and items have been reworked and newly added to give players even more variety of tactics to use on the battlefield. The team continues to work on adding improvements, UI enhancements, and more in the future.

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