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Pangya releases collaboration with Nisemonogatari

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SG Interactive has announced a collaboration with Nisemonogatari in Pangya.  Two sets based on the popular anime are being planned, with the first set having been released today. Three characters have been given various costume items from different characters in the anime.

Hana players can dress up in Karen Araragi’s yellow jersey and sneakers.  Nell players have the option of Tsukihi Araragi’s kimono, shoes and hair style, as well as Nadeko Sengoku’s outfit, shoes and hair style.  Finally, Kaz players can pick up Koyomi Araragi’s uniform, shoes, hair style and watch.

A new club set and mascot have also been released with this first set as well.

SG Interactive also publishes Grand Chase and Trickster Online.

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Famed “Nisenmonogatari” Anime Teams Up
With SG Interactive’s Pangya United MMO

 The Casual Golf MMORPG Collaborates with Famous Anime Series for Exclusive Items

 Irvine, Calif.April 26, 2012 – SG Interactive’s exciting golf MMORPG, Pangya United launches a collaboration for exclusive in-game items with “Nisemonogatari,” a popular anime series published by Aniplex of America. Now, Pangya’s fan-base can don rare attire based on the main characters in the anime and play with unique “Nisemonogatari”- themed items. With two sets of items planned to roll out – the first is available starting today and players can deck out their characters in “Nisemonogatari” garb by registering for free at

The first set of “Nisemonogatari” items includes the following decorative items for these Pangya characters:

  • Hana
    • Karen Araragi’s yellow jersey and sneakers
  • Nell
    • Tsukihi Araragi’s kimono, shoes and hair style
    • Nadeko Sengoku’s outfit, shoes and hair style
  • Kaz
    • Koyomi Araragi’s uniform, shoes, hair style and watch

Players also have the opportunity to gear up with the Deadly Stapler Club Set, Monogatari Comet and Shinobu Oshino, the cute but deadly vampire Mascot – all distinctive items befitting the “Nisemonogatari” story.

The new “Nisemonogatari” items allow players to add an eclectic flair to their in-game characters in Panyga – the anime-themed casual golf MMORPG. For more information or to get a sneak peek at the exclusive “Nisemonogatari” items, please visit the official Pangya United webpage. For up-to-date information about the game, players can become fans by clicking “Like” on the official Pangya United Facebook Page.

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