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Win 1,000,000 Sparkcash, Be The First To Level 105

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Outspark recently announced a pretty incredible contest. The first three player on the new Fiesta Online server ‘Cypion’ to reach level 105 will be awarded with a whopping 1,000,000 Sparkcash. For all intents and purposes that’s basically more Sparkcash than anyone can ever spend. Reaching level 105 in Fiesta is no easy task though and being one of the first three to reach it is even harder. My advice? If you’re planning on ‘going for it’, you should stock up on caffeine and snacks today because the contest officially starts tomorrow, June 3rd. I’ve personally never been a ‘speed leveler’ myself, as I like to take my time and explore everything an MMORPG has to offer, but I’m sure this sort of contest should be incredibly interesting to watch. I wonder if someone can manage to pull this off in under a week. If so, i’ll be quite surprised.

About Outspark:

Outspark is well known publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs and MMOs. They are most well known for their two fantasy titles ‘Fiesta Online’ and ‘Secret of the Solstice’ but they publish ‘Project Powder’ and ‘Wind Slayer’ as well. Check out their homepage at

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