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SoulWorker’s Primal Raid Update Has Arrived

The greatest task yet for the Soul Workers has come – The Primal Raid has officially launched. Those who embark on the Primal Raid will face a powerful leviathan only known to a few survivors as The Primal. Even max-level players will need the support of allies: the Primal Raid demands a four-person party minimum, with room for up to eight, and it can only be accessed once all initial raid quests and the Golden Citadel have been bested. But with success comes incredible rewards, like powerful gear.

There are also two new events arriving in this update.  The first is for the hardcore players, the “Defeat the Primal!” event. This requires you to best the Primal three, five, and ten times. Newcomers can also tackle the “Visit the Rookie Raids!” event, which requires completing each or all four Rookie raids up to fifteen times during the event to unlock subsequent rewards like boosters and housing items.

Players can now also spend their hard-earned Grutin Gold on new Grutin Capsules with various unlockable prizes — the Clingy Otter backpack accessory, Fluffy Grutin Gloves, and Fluffy Grutin Shoes.

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