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North Dungeon details for Tales of Fantasy

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IGG has released a preview today about the PvP-enabled North Dungeon in Tales of Fantasy.

Once a prison, the North Dungeon is located in the north west of Elterra and is the home to convicts, bandits, and killers from Ashland and Borhen. Now, rumors have spread that a mystical weapon is hidden in the dungeon’s depths. Within North Dungeon, PvP is unrestricted – players may even attack kinsmen in their quest for treasure and power. By defeating others, players can get a chance to claim equipment from their fallen foe.

The dungeon is also filled with valuable coal, which can be exchanged for Devil Summoning Charms; these in turn can be used to summon the Dungeon Coal Demon boss. Players may earn special treasures from defeating this enemy. North Dungeon is part of the Call of Destiny patch.

The Original Press Release:

Tales of Fantasy No Man’s Land: Deadly North Dungeon

The Call of Destiny is the awesome new content patch for Tales of Fantasy. Among its many exciting additions and improvements to the game, the fabled North Dungeon promises to be a highlight for avid PvP fans. Nonstop PvP action is sure to get your heart pumping the moment you set foot inside this deadly former prison.

Located in the northwestern corner of Elterra, the massive structure houses countless convicts, vagabonds and ruthless killers from both Ashland and Bohren. Allowed to fester as the great nations engaged in endless conflicts, it is now a lawless haven for the criminals both nations once interred there. Left to their own devices, the onetime prisoners have overrun the prison and the surrounding area, engaging in mindless slaughter and plunder. It is a place where everyone is both predator and prey.

Recently, rumors of a mystical weapon concealed within the depths of the North Dungeon have spread like wildfire, drawing the attention of heroes, mercenaries, and demons alike to this already ravaged land. Greed overrides notions of glory, honor, righteousness, and sometimes even love and friendship, all in the name of claiming the weapon and the power that goes with it.

In the North Dungeon, PvP is not limited by rules or boundaries. It is a no man’s land where only the strong survive. Whether they are enemies or kinsmen, players have absolute freedom to attack anyone they wish. Defeating another player gives the winner a chance to acquire a piece of equipment from their foe.

Corpses and killers are not the only things in abundance in the North Dungeon, however. Coal nodes are everywhere. If you gather enough coal, you can exchange it for a Devil Summoning Charm from Ghost Master Hadar. The charm can be used on a Suppressor Stone to summon a BOSS monster: the brutal Dungeon Coal Demon! If you kill enough of these, you can claim a Blue or Purple mysterious treasure chest.

Who will stand victorious in the end, mystical weapon in hand? To what lengths will you go to claim the treasure? When greed calls the darkness forth from your soul, will you harness it to reign supreme or let fear consume you? In Tales of Fantasy, destiny is calling and the choice is yours.

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