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Nexon’s Dragon Nest Adds Level 70 Cap Update, New Dungeons and More

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Nexon America has released a huge new update for its free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Dragon Nest, raising the level cap to 70, introducing a new area called Arendel and advanced skills for all classes. Now Warriors can become mightier Gladiators or Lunar Knights, Archers can become more precise Snipers, Kalis can be more powerful Soul Eaters, and many more. Dragon Nest also will continue to host in-game events throughout the month of March to help players achieve current max level 60.

New dungeons will also be introduced, as detailed below.

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Roiling Expanse: Many of the once verdant lands surrounding the Elven kingdom have become barren and dry as Arendel’s Tree of Life grows weaker. Lush forests are replaced with arid deserts and a swirling sandstorm now blankets the area.

  • – Sea of Dust: Poison is slowly killing the Tree of Life, and as a result, this beautiful valley has become a desolate wasteland. A massive scorpion known as Superpredator Antares prowls the land, in search of prey.
  • Halfmoon Desert: As they besiege Arendel, the Dragon Cultists establish a base camp in this treacherous desert. One of the ancients, the fearsome undead Emperor Sebek, rules this land and commands its forces.

New Moon Forest: Though the poison of Ignacio and his Dragon Cultists has weakened the woodlands of Arendel, this nearby forest still stands strong. Night and day work differently here, and legend has it that time passes slower in New Moon Forest.

  • Golden Grasslands: Arendel’s farmland, made up of golden plains of wheat and barley, as well as bountiful fruit trees, is being invaded by Dragon Cultists and the monsters they command, led by the corrupted Vicious Rage.
  • Crescent Path: Once a peaceful trade route through the forest, the Crescent Path has succumbed to the invading evil. The wood folk who live here have become corrupted monstrosities that harry any who venture down the trail. A towering were-beast known as the Grizzled Shadow Fury devours unsuspecting travelers.
  • Valley of the Eclipse: In a desperate attempt to restore order, the ailing Elf Queen is dispatching forces to open the mysterious gate inside the wooded valley. Once the guardian of the trees, Rotten Gatekeeper Nornird is now rotten to his roots, and is attempting to seal the gate before the Elves can reach it.
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