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C9 Launches First Raid For Bardiel Seal

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Webzen, Inc. a global leader in next-generation free-to-play games, launches the first raid for the Extreme Dungeon: Bardiel Seal in the 3D Fantasy Action MMORPG, Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9). Featuring some of the most dangerously difficult enemies in C9 history, this new dungeon pits players against three terrifying new raid bosses.

The God of Fire, Bardiel, has escaped from his fiery prison with the help of the evil Nefer. Players must raid the dungeon and capture Bardiel, while fighting off three merciless raid monsters – Molleck, Creios and The Rebecca Twins.

In order to conquer the Extreme Dungeon: Bardiel Seal, players are encouraged to join forces. A full party of 4 players is highly recommended to destroy the game’s raid bosses. Those who are powerful enough to defeat the dungeon’s monsters will be rewarded with the highest level grade Extreme armor pieces. Plus, all characters classes will have a chance to obtain the highest level skillbooks.

The Extreme Dungeon: Bardiel Seal  is located on the 5th Continent, Sarad. The dungeon can only be accessed by characters that are above level 62, which is currently the highest level in Continent of the Ninth Seal (Level cap is 63). Returning players will receive a free package of special rewards for re-visiting the game (including the new Soul: Truthful Wing, Class Changer, Beachwear gear and other items).

About Bardiel Seal

The story of the Bardiel Seal continues from the Holy City of Basilus, the last stage in the Fifth Continent. During the Genesis War, the Goddess Akene defeated the God of Fire Bardiel and banished him to the depths of Sarad. To secure his imprisonment, the Earth Dragon Molk bestowed his Fang and Claw to the Harcs and ordered them to protect the dungeon (Bardiel Seal). Thousands of years later, the Fang was destroyed, leaving only a tiny shard, which ended up in the hands of the evil Nefer. With the help of his minions, Nefer was able to use the Chipped Fang to release Bardiel from his prison. It is now up to Sarad’s might reinforcements (otherwise known as C9 players) to re-seal the dungeon and stop Nefer, before it’s too late.

While invading Bardiel Seal, players will have to defeat three extremely difficult raid bosses:

  • · Molleck , The Revenger from the Holy City of Basilus
  • · Creios, The Loyal Servant of Nefer
  • · The Rebecca Twins, The Evil Tribe

The Second Raid to defeat Bardiel, the final boss for this dungeon, will be launched in May.

For an exclusive look at The Extreme Dungeon: Bardiel Seal in C9, check out the trailer below:

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