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New Spirit Tales Infographic

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Spirit Tales has released a new infographic to hint at how unique your character can look.

The infographic points out the odds of various lucky or unique events, from finding a four-leaf clover (1 in 10,000) to becoming declared a saint (1 in 20,000,000), and rounds that out with Spirit Tale’s own statistic: the chance of finding someone that looks “just like you” in game is one in 40 million. The game boasts that there are 40 million unique fashion combinations for characters, allowing every person to have a unique style for their character.

Spirit Tales is published by KoramGame, which also publishes Indomitus and Three Kingdoms Online.

Spirit Tales InfoGraphic


In Spirit Tales, there are over 40 million unique fashion combinations for your character! With numbers this high, whether you want to become the embodiment of some angelic being, or desecrate the land under the guise of evil, Spirit Tales fashion will definitely be there to add and contribute to your own unique style and image. Visit for more details!

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