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Echo Prime – Former iOS tablet game hits Steam

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Robot Entertainment released an expanded edition of their sci-fi action RPG Echo Prime on Steam today. The Steam release includes new content, improvements to visual fidelity, and reworked PC controls. Players can now journey across the stars through an expanded array of exciting locations to battle against three races of alien enemies and huge bosses.

Unique additions to the PC version include:

  • Optimized for PCEcho Prime’s real-time action gameplay has been redesigned for PCs, including improvements to visual effects, a retuned economy, and new PC controls with mappable hotkeys.
  • Even More Enemies and EnvironmentsEcho Prime for Steam includes new locations in which to do battle and a new enemy race, the alien “Tide”.
  • New Hardcore Mode – Test your mastery. How far can you get without dying?

Echo Prime

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