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A New MMORPG Arrives on Steam This Summer – Warlords Awakening

Warlords Awakening - image

Playwith Interactive introduced a new MMORPG coming to Steam recently, in the form of Warlords Awakening. Their interests lie with the experience of the user and not the bottom line and hope to create a community of dedicated gamers and to grow alongside them. Players will journey through the world of Epheia, tackling sinister bosses and trying to repair the very fabric of reality. Five classes will be available: Blood Knight, Mage, Psychic, Sniper and Assassin Warrior. These classes will also have three battle stances to choose from, depending on what the situation calls for. Warlords Awakening will also feature a host of pets and mounts to collect, and 4v4 PVP modes to challenge.

“We believe that a publisher’s work does not end with gaming support and customer service. There is much more to it. It is about creating a fun, fair and interactive environment for the
ultimate gameplay experience. Every second invested in the game must be considered time well-spent.” Said Mr. Ricky So

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