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Revelation Online: Shadowblade Update Arrives With New Trailer

Revelation Online Assassin Reveal Header

Today, Revelation Online revealed a new CG trailer to celebrate the launch of the Shadowblade Update and the Assassin class.

The star of the Shadowblade update is the new Assassin class. Founded by Night Shadow, a follower of the Yellow Warden, the Assassin’s school is dedicated to the execution of those found guilty by the Warden.

The Assassin uses primarily dagger and chain, focused on single-target burst damage against vulnerable enemies. With a focus on stealth and subterfuge, the Assassin is best taking out targets in the back line.

The update also introduces Class Areas, specific refuges for each of Revelation Online’s classes. These areas include class-specific vendors that offer Skill Cultivation items, Flying Skills, drinks, and raid respawn runes. The areas also offer bankers, repairs, materials vendors, and Soul Grid Panel vendors. They also offer a quest offering Class Reputation, which can be spent on class-specific costumes, mounts, and other items.

There’s much more in the Shadowblade Update, including a quest for a mutated motorbike, so make sure to check out all the details here!

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