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Mortal Online: Engine Upgrade & Oculus Rift Support

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Mortal Online

Star Vault AB has just announced that Mortal Online has undergone some enormous changes and improvements over the past few months, include a new game engine, oculus rift support and plenty more.

New Enhanced Game Engine

They’ve released the largest update to Mortal Online since The Awakening. The entire game engine has been updated, bringing with it new lighting, an advanced foliage/grass system, Oculus Rift support, an entirely remade game world and countless gameplay improvements.

Myrland has been remade, from the ground up, in a new modern terrain system. This means not only does the terrain look much better and less jagged, but also performs loads better. Mortal Online now boasts better framerates than ever before while at the same time looking better, too. This new terrain also means our game client is nearly half the size to download versus before the update, making it easier than ever to get back into Nave.

With the hundreds of changes in our latest updates, from graphical to gameplay, what excites us even more is the potential for the future made possible by the upgrade. Mortal Online’s new game engine brings with it powerful development tools which will allow us to bring you bigger, better updates at a much faster rate than previously/

Oculus Rift Support

The Rift is the world’s most advanced consumer virtual reality headset for PC gaming, and now Mortal Online supports it, with full support including independent head tracking and minimalist user interface coming with the Oculus release.

Step into Myrland and become a part of the world with truely immersive virtual reality. Walk the streets of Tindrem in full 3D, where you truley feel like you are inside the world.
New Veteran and Donation Rewards

We have only days ago added an awesome new early veteran reward! After playing for only a few short months, you will now be able to unlock various loin cloth designs for free!

As the perfect accessory to your already epic armor, these new clothes can never be lost and are animated with the incredible nVidia APEX cloth physics. These new rewards are an upgraded replacement to the outdated split cape designs.

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