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Land of Chaos Online introduces Kalimah and Easter events

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Easter is arriving with a special double bundle in Land of Chaos Online (LOCO).

Players can now enjoy playing as Kalimah, the father of Randy Rozz, who wields cannons and has come straight from hell to LOCO.

Easter events are also now live until May 11, letting players earn eggs daily and through completing Easter Mission Boards, for a chance at earning Chance Tickets, Skill Scrolls, Refining Potions, and wearable bunny ears.

LOCO is published by Alaplaya (burda:ic), which also publishes Avalon Heroes and S4 League.

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burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today announced that a hellish new character is springing into action as Easter arrives on the battlefields of LOCO – Land of Chaos Online: Kalimah. Players everywhere can now try out this undead killer’s ranged abilities firsthand as they participate in the egg-filled Easter festivities. Happy Hunting!

Kalimah, once known as Alex Rozz, is the father of LOCO regular Randy Rozz. Unlike his bounty-hunting son, Kalimah was a terribly evil man in life, a feared serial killer who ultimately committed suicide and was sent straight to hell. Freshly returned from the fiery pits, this cannon-wielding combatant has a demonic new look to go with his oversized bazooka. Players looking to strike fear in the hearts of their peers should definitely give him a try today.

The Easter festivities in LOCO will run through May 11, giving players the chance to earn an egg every day that contains everything from Chance Tickets to Skill Scrolls and Refining Potions. Players can also collect Easter eggs holding letters by completing a special Easter Mission Board. Dedicated gatherers who find enough to spell out “Happy Easter” will be able to show off their hoppy side with a set of wearable bunny ears for their favorite character.

For more information about Kalimah and the Easter events in LOCO – Land of Chaos Online, visit the official website at

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