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Hothead’s ‘Hero Hunters’ Receives a Major Update

HeroHunters - Update 1.1 - Image

The exciting mobile game from Hothead Games, Hero Hunters is announcing a new, major update. It will feature two new heroes to be collected, a new region for players to explore, in Little Tokyo. Yanlong is the first new hero, a Siege Breaker who is very anti-tank, and specializes in damage mitigation. Though he does have a slow cast time, and is weak to the reach of Sniper Heroes. Scum is an Assault Fumigator, and has powerful area control/damage over time abilities. The poisonous Scum is weak to Agile Heroes, and heroes that can cleanse/dispel his abilities. And also in this update is the new area, Little Tokyo. This update is available now, and is ready to be experienced.

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