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Moon Hunters: New Details on World Map, Map Generation and More

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Moon Hunters

Kitfox Games has released new details on their upcoming 4 player co-op game, Moon Hunters, featuring details onWorld Maps, Procedural Generation, and Postcard Art.

>Xin took some time to re-envision the world map, looking at old maps and using the lore we’ve been working on to get the right flavor. So this is the new design for the fabric print available to Weaver and Super Collector backers, a lovely illustration of one Moon Hunters world:

Moon Hunters

Of course, this is only one configuration out of effectively infinite possibilities. The Wolf Clan village will always be in the jungle, for example, but landmarks (such as Tyrant’s End) are random selections from a wide possible variety, and the world grows naturally, randomly, different every time.

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