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ModMic 5/Gaming Mousepad Review

ModMic 5/Gaming Mousepad Review

Recently I was offered a ModMic 5 to review by Antlion Audio and I was all too glad to do it!  I spent quite a bit of time with it, and though I have some minor audio loss in my left ear, my co-streamer as well as my younger sibling are trained musicians, and so they helped me when I needed it. My initial thoughts were, that it sounds clear! I focused on using it on console, since Colton’s going to be covering the PC end in a video, from the perspective of an audio engineer, which he has quite a bit of experience in that end. So I hooked it up to my PS4. I have to say, the connection to the headset is remarkably easy, and very sturdy. It presses into place via a very powerful adhesive, and the headset then connects to that piece via magnet. The adhesive is maybe a bit too strong, which I never thought I’d say! It’s pretty much fastened to my Beats forever. Unless I pry it off, that is. But that makes me wonder if it will be usable more than once. . . So I’ll just leave it there. It worked brilliantly with my console, and I streamed with it for a couple of hours each time.

  • Pros: Very clear, crisp sound. Easy to utilize on console, works with basically any quality headset in the world. Had to adjust settings for streaming ever so slightly so it doesn’t bombard people with loudness, but that’s not a big deal. But the sound was great on console. I’d say it’s almost comparable to a Yeti. Not quite better though.
  • Cons: There is static when I’m not talking, not major static, but it’s definitely there. I do not think it’s better than the Yeti, but I definitely think it’s a terrific starter mic for someone who streams on console, or for someone who just wants to play frequently with their friends, but already has a good pair of studio/high-quality headphones. That way you won’t sacrifice any of the sound you enjoy, and still get to communicate easily.

I feel like Antlion Audio makes quality products, and that this is definitely a step in the right direction with the ModMic 5. I don’t think I’d use it over my Yeti on my desktop, but it does have a use on my consoles without a doubt. Not having to lug audio stuff across the house just so I can stream Final Fantasy XV is such a godsend.  And the bonus of being able to have a very good microphone and solid audio on my end? I do love the Antlion ModMic 5. I’d like to see how they grow the technology they used. They include just about everything you need, including lots of cable, so you can stretch out a bit and extend it about as far as you need. I do have one big complaint though: The connector for console controllers is not bundled in the box. As someone who was looking at it purely through that lens, I was a little disappointed. I used it on my PC sure, and it sounded good there as well, I’d like to see them focus this on the console gamer, as an alternative to stuff like Turtle Beach and other big-time, expensive gaming headsets. Nobody wants to buy one of those if they already good headsets for their music! Consider that advertising path, perhaps.

I have a bonus too! I also received a gaming mousepad from Antlion, and holy damn! It stretches across pretty much my entire desk! This is the best Mousepad I’ve ever used, and with the changing of technology from mice that use a ball, to lasers and such, they need a particular kind of surface to maximize precision. Sure, you don’t need them, but let’s be honest. You need them! It’s a fantastic piece, and a great addition to my desk. I don’t know how I used a Magic: the Gathering playmat when I could have one of these instead. All in all, Antlion makes fantastic products, and the Modmic 5 is definitely worth owning if you fit the above criteria.

Interested in owning one of your own? Then just click here for Antlion Audio’s website!

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  • Killer Soda

    I Needed to purchase a new mic but $60 is the price of a average Headset But the No console controller support in the in the bundle is the Main deal breaker for me.