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Mobius Final Fantasy Celebrates Third Anniversary with FFVIII

Mobius Final Fantasy is proud to announce they have hit their third anniversary, and are celebrating with limited collaboration. This collaboration features Final Fantasy VIII, as well as other promotions. Starting today, this event runs until November 1st, 2019, and through it, players can access the Final Fantasy VIII – The Sleeping Lion original storyline. This was created specifically for Mobius Final Fantasy and is free in the game. This update also has a new Ultimate Hero that everyone has access to: Squall and Revolver weapon. All players have to do is log in to acquire him. The Revolver can be upgraded by playing through the event.

Other features in the Mobius Final Fantasy Event:

  • New Echo Skin – All players will be treated to a new Rinoa skin for Echo.
  • New Legend Jobs and Ultimate Skin – Players can add the brand-new Legend Jobs for Graff (Sorceress’s Knight) and Meia (Sorceress of Oblivion) to their collections through a limited-time banner. The new Ultimate Skin – Squall Leonhart will also be added to the Ultimate Heroes lineup during the event.
  • New Supreme Card – Players can add a powerful new Monk-type Supreme card, Griever: FFVIII, to their collections through a limited-time banner.
  • Draw Battle System – Based on the original Draw System from FINAL FANTASY VIII, all battle stages within the limited-time collaboration will feature this new style of gameplay. By using the Draw command during battle, players can stock up enemy abilities and later unleash them by selecting Cast.
  • SeeD Rank – Players can earn additional rewards depending on their SeeD Rank, which will increase the more players progress through the collaboration stages.
  • Multiplayer Content – Squall Leonhart is seeking challengers in the Ring of Braves multiplayer arena. Players who work together to defeat him will earn additional rewards.

The third-anniversary celebration also offers a ton of limited content:

  • Free Supreme Ticket – All players will receive one free Supreme Ticket, which they can use on an Ultimate Hero or Supreme Card summon to gain a powerful card.
  • Free Graff / Wol Ability Support Card – All players will receive the “Warriors of Despair” Support Card for free, which features art drawn by character designer Gen Kobayashi (The World Ends With You).
  • 31 Days of Free Summons – During the month of August, players can perform one single summon per day for free.
  • Special Login Bonus – Players can earn up to 14 Summon Tickets simply by logging in daily.
  • MOBIUS Week – MOBIUS Day bonuses are available every day now until August 13 at 12:59 p.m. PDT. Players can obtain a different gift each day, including skillseeds, Ability Tickets, Summon Tickets, Crystals, Mystic Tablets and more.
  • Free Stamp Gifts – Players can receive the Congrats! (3rd Anniversary Version) and Go Away! Stamps by logging in. Players who have purchased a Mobius Gift Box more than 12 times can obtain an exclusive Echo stamp.
  • Welcome Back Campaign – Now through August 17, any players who have been inactive for longer than 30 days, or new players, will receive a free Mobius Gift Box, as well as 1,000 magicite and 88 Mystic Tablets. During the campaign period, rewards will be gifted to everyone depending on the amount of new and inactive players that return to the game.
  • 3rd Anniversary Guaranteed Supreme Card Summon – Players who purchase 12,000 magicite will receive one Supreme Ticket, which they can use on a Supreme Card or Ultimate Hero Summon. Furthermore, increased magicite will be available during the campaign, in which players will be able to obtain 1.5x more magicite than usual.
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