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Mighty Party Celebrates Christmas With a Huge Upcoming Update

Mighty Party Holiday - Image

Mighty Party is getting ready for Christmas with a huge update that’s coming soon! A beautiful holiday setting, new features, cards and gifts await everyone. The Xmas Party will be hosted by Evil Santa, who covered Pangea World with snow and brought his mighty army with him. Be brave and do battle with him in the XMAS Party event, which has new 9 event cards that can be unlocked. The drop amount of these theme-based cards is doubled from any sources, except for Brawl.  Evolution into theme-based cards will also be twice as profitable. A Unique Medal is also waiting on people who complete the holiday map. There will also be Global and “Turf War” chatrooms, for players to find new friends or team up with guildmates, discuss the current Turf War with rivals or perhaps even make an alliance. These will all be easier thanks to these chatrooms.

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