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MicroVolts launches Spectate Update

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MicroVolts has launched the Spectate Update today.

The update includes a new Observer mode, letting players watch a match up-close. Any match can be watched in this new mode, letting players scope out their competition or learn new strategies as they watch the top players perform. The update also introduces a new server, Nickel, and several new items in the in-game shop and web mall. New outfits include Naomi’s Floral Kimono and Knox’s Baseball Catcher’s Uniform.

MicroVolts is published by Rock Hippo Productions, which also publishes Brawl Busters.



No MicroVolters Will Be Left On The Sidelines With The All- New Observer Mode, New Items And a New Server!

Markham, Canada  –  February 24, 2012 – Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today the launch of the Spectate Update for the popular cartoon style third-person shooter, MicroVolts.   The Spectate Update features an all-new Observer Mode which offers an up-close and personal view of every MicroVolts match, along with new items in the Capsule Machine and the item shop and a new server called “Nickel”.  Players can visit for all the details!

With the new Observer Mode, players will have a front row seat to watch some of the best MicroVolters at battle!  Players can now watch-in on each and every MicroVolts match as top teams duke it out! Players can even scope out the competition and pick up new strategies for their own matches! Players can now also experience all-new items in the MicroVolts Capsule Machine as well as in the game’s In-game shop and Web Mall!  Naomi flaunts her new “Floral Kimono” on the battlefield while Knox shows the Micro World that he’s a real team player in his new “Baseball Catcher’s” uniform. Due to the high amounts of traffic in the game,the MicroVolts team is making room for more MicroVolters with the addition of the brand new server “Nickel” to go alongside their existing “Alkaline” and “Lithium” servers!

“MicroVolters are a competitive bunch so giving them the chance to observe other players in battle will allow them to learn from some of the best while formulating some great new tactics for their own matches,” said Howard He, President and CEO of RockHippo Productions.  “We also invite players to enjoy the new server and check out the new costume items that our most popular characters, Naomi and Knox, are sporting.”

Players can get a glimpse of what’s in store withthe latest trailer and screenshots featuring the new Mode and Items at .

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