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Uforia to publish new MMOFPS ‘Mercenary Wars’

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Wow, another MMO gamers can look forward to yet another MMOFPS. There are so many MMOFPS games announced now it’s getting a bit ridiculous. The folks at IJJI are working on releasing two new MMOFPS games, Huxley: The Dystopia and Alliance of Valiant Arms while Outspark is trying to get Blackshot released after numerous delays. Another new MMOFPS that should be released soon is Parabellum by GamersFist. Well, needless to say, there is no shortage of up and coming MMOFPS games.

Uforia’s recently announced title ‘Mercenary Wars’ actually looks a lot like a mix of Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Source. Better graphics than the original CS but worse than the newer Source game. Gameplay wise, it looks a bit faster paced than most of the MMOFPS games on the market, but see for yourself. Check out the Mercenary Wars’ gameplay video below.


The Publisher, Uforia, who also publishes Nostale, Red War and Three Kingdoms, also released all of the game modes available in Mercenary Wars. They are:

Team Deathmatch – In Mercenary Wars’ “Team Deathmatch” mode, two teams face off in combat against each other and the team with the highest kills wins. In this head-to-head battle, the winner is the team which has more kills when the time expires or the team which reaches the prerequisite number of kills first.  Killed players are automatically re-spawned in just a few seconds.

Plant The Bomb – In the “Plant the Bomb” mode there are two teams competing against each other. Each of the two sides is given their mission–one is trying to plant the bomb and the other trying to prevent that from happening.  The bomb is given to one member of the attacking team at random and once it is planted it is detonated withina limited time period.

Mercenary Team Deathmatch – In the “Mercenary Team Deathmatch” mode, a team may be organized with AI or mixed with players and AI’s.  The team with the highest kills wins the round and killed players re-spawn in just a few seconds.  The side that reaches its kill quota first, or has more kills when time expires, wins!

Destruction Race – Two teams operate in Destruction Race mode and race to destroy the opponents defended target.  Each side has a number of destroyable targets on their side of the map, and the side to destroy the targets belonging to the opponent wins the competition!  Killed players are automatically re-spawned at their last captured target position.  Other special features include a map divided into sections that must be defended.

We’ll be writing a preview for the game soon, so learn more about the game then.

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