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Mercenary Wars Open Beta Starts December 22

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The guys over at Uforia have officially announced that their upcoming MMOFPS game Mercenary Wars will be entering the open beta test phase on December 22. This means that anyone who wants to try the game will get the chance. It also means there won’t be any more character wipes – so aside from a few bugs the game will be fully released. Mercenary Wars aims to compete with other tactical MMOFPS games on the market like Alliance of Valiant Arms, WolfTeam and Sudden Attack.

The Original Press Release:

Attention mercenaries!

We are proud to announce that Open Beta will commence on December 22nd, at 5:00PM PST!

All characters and nicknames from the Closed Betas have been wiped, and you will have to start anew if you were a CBT Tester.  But rest assured this will be the final wipe, and that you will be keeping any experience, points earned, and ranks you earn during Open Beta permamently.

Thank you all for your patience during the down-time between Closed and Open Beta, and we look forward to seeing you December 22nd!

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