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Mech Hero Open Beta Coming Soon

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We’ve just received word of an upcoming browser based MMO called Mech Hero. The game has a sci-fi theme and looks like a strategy game where players construct and upgrade various buildings in their territories. Like Travian and a number of other strategy titles, Mech Hero will have ‘cycles’ which means the game will have an end point at which time the server will reset.

The open beta will last an entire game cycle which is projected to last several months. We’ll cover Mech Hero more in-depth when it is fully released but in the mean time, players who are interested can take a look by visiting the official site here:

Full Release:

Open beta tests of a new free MMOSG called Mech Hero are about to begin soon!

The game is web browser based and is a combination of classic strategy with some RPG elements.

The scenery of Mech Hero is a devastated futuristic world in which gigantic combat robots are the means to control, power and ultimately victory.

The novelty Mech Hero brings into this game segment is an advanced combat mechanism coupled with a unique Unit Behavior System. This allows for an easy way to control individual unit combat behavior.

Unlike the typical MMOSGs the player won’t have to manage huge armies of thousands of units. In Mech Hero each combat robot is a separate entity and has its own characteristics, its own weapons and battlefield behavior pattern.

In addition, with each battle robots gather experience, which allows upgrading their characteristics and enriches their “intelligence” on the battlefield. The game developers are also preparing many additions like artifacts, unique weapons – hidden on the world map or animated battle visualization.

Official beta test opening is planned for March 1st 2010, but you can already sign up at:

The test phase will last several months and will cover a complete game cycle.

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