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OGPlanet Announces New MMO – Zone 4: Fight District

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OGPlanet announced another new MMO today – Zone 4: FIght District. It is a 3D anime inspired fighting MMO that looks a lot like their other fighting game, Rumble Fighter with a graphical update. OGPlanet definitely has a thing for fighting MMOs, as Zone 4 is their third one after Rumble Fighter and Lost Saga. The game will launch with six playable characters and numerous game modes.  Up to 32 players can brawl it out at once in the game’s 16 vs 16 turf war battle. Gameplay wise the game looks very similar to a mix of Lost Saga and Street Fighter. The game’s closed beta is expected to begin soon.

Zone 4: Fight District Gameplay Screenshot

From the Original Release:

Zone 4: Fight District is set in a world where fighting competitions have become the most popular form of entertainment and sport combined. Fighting schools in rival zones train and pit skilled fighters against each other with the hope of winning the worldwide league tournament known as the Free Fighting Championship. However, the tournament appears to have a dark side, with rumors ranging from fixed matches to vanishing fighters swirling around the competition. Can players rise in the ranks as a new fighter, while uncovering and ending the dangerous secrets of the FFC?

Players have the option to select from one of six different characters, each with their own traits and abilities, as well as one of ten separate fighting styles with much more to come through future updates.  Ranging from Taekwondo and Boxing to Professional Wrestling and even Dirty Fighting styles, players can tailor their brawling maneuvers to fit their personal tastes.  Plus, like other MMOs, players will be able to craft weapons and equipment, form street fighting gangs (Zone 4’s equivalent of guilds), and much more.

Some features of Zone 4: Fight District include:

  • An Arcade Story Mode – Fight through hordes of enemies alone or up to four players, with new stories, levels, and episodes added via monthly content updates
  • Challenge Mode – See how many thugs you can defeat at once as you fight your way through waves of enemies and boss fights for high scores, achievements and prizes.  Can you fight through all fifty stages to dominate the Zone?
  • Team Deathmatch – Join up with your friends and take on other players
  • Free-for-all Deathmatch – Take on all comers in a free-for all brawl held in massive arenas
  • Item Mode – Beat up rival players or AI controlled enemies with randomly generated items and power-ups
  • 16vs16 Turf Wars – Guilds face off against each other for bragging rights and supremacy as up to 32 players brawl to defend their turf

Learn more at the game’s official website at

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