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Stellar Impact now offers free-to-play

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Stellar Impact has announced that it is transitioning to a partial free-to-play model.

Previously only playable with the purchase of the game directly, Stellar Impact’s tryout period has now been extended to an indefinite trial. However, players will be limited to owning ships only at the first level; higher level ships are only accessible through purchasing a premium account. The game is also on sale for 33% off as the publisher, Tindalos Interactive, seeks to build a stronger playerbase.

Stellar Impact is a sci-fi themed tactical online combat game, allowing up to 12 players to battle together. The game offers five ship types, two factions, 13 battle maps, various game modes, and obtainable equipment to allow players to upgrade and customize their fleet.

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PARIS, FRANCE – September 14, 2011  Tindalos Interactive is glad to inform you that Stellar Impact is now free to play. In order to gather more people in the game the tryout period will now last indefinitely but you will get only access to the first level of each ship.

Everybody will be able to play for free and indefinitely but ships are limited to the first level, you will have to buy a premium account to unlock the upper levels.

To learn more about the game you’ll find:

The official website here:

The first gameplay trailer of Stellar Impact here:

Stellar Impact is available now on our website for €9.95, the game is also available on Gamersgate and DESURA. We make a 33% discount on Stellar Impact as long as we haven’t reached a sufficient community base.

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