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Master of Eternity Rebellion Update Now Live

The Rebellion update is now available for Master of Eternity (M.O.E.), Nexon’s mobile strategy role-playing game. The update adds the second part of the game’s 12th story chapter.

The update highlights are:

  • Rebellion Storyline – The intense Temple 12 challenges and Part 2 of the dramatic Chapter 12 await only the most daring players;
  • Fierce Rebellion Suits – Suit up or shut up in one of four new mecha suits built with Rebellion Technology, such as the Assault (Clotho), Support (Lachesis), Bombardier (Baal) and Sniper (Atropos) classes;
  • Fresh Pixie Costumes – Unlock the adorable Wedding Costume and Honeymoon Crewroom decoration to further customize the Pixie mothership;
  • Special In-game Events – Veteran and new players can increase their chances of receiving Rebellion suits by participating in several events throughout September, including the Wedding Costume sale, Super Enhancement week and more.


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